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Adi is an Aerialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her primary circus disciplines are Aerial Silks and Lyra. When she isn't flying in the air,  she enjoys a variety of movement modalities such as lyrical, ballet, acro and ballroom dancing.

How it all started...

Adi discovered her love for Circus Arts while traveling in the Dominican Republic. What started as an opportunity to overcome her fears, quickly became a life-changing experience. Looking back, her first flying trapeze catch was a turning point, leading her to discover new passions, find joy and open a new chapter of her Aerial life.

Shortly after returning from her trip, Adi started experiencing dreams about performing on silks. Those vivid visions led her to seek formal training and follow her inner guidance.

Adi is committed to creating flow and movement in the air. Her mission is to inspire others to overcome any perceived limitations, so they too can follow their path of joy, and manifest their dreams into reality.


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